A story of freshness

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Meet the Founder

With a decade of being an Esthetician, Aloe & Vera founder, Candace Glover grew up with a love for the wellness and beauty industry in part by her mother. Having grown up in and around the beauty industry she developed a skin deep passion for skin care, a love of ingredients that benefit external as well as internal, paired with training as a Reflexologist and Reiki healer have all led to the creation of Aloe & Vera.​

Years of studies understanding skin psychology, essential oils, herbs and cosmetic ingredients lead her to scout for a natural yet effective skin care line that benefited my clients at a price all could affordable. Having a strong belief that self-care should be available, we keep our packaging simple and let the products speak for themselves. 

Here you will find effective solutions for your skin health as well as external health for balancing and restoring energy through your chakra systems. 

About the line

Here you will find a simple list of ingredients used in the production of Aloe & Vera's skin and body line. 

Herbs and Minerals